Mr. Majid Abdullah Matbouly

Mr. Majid Abdullah Matbouly

MD of Saudi Arabia


VEZEETA IN A NUTSHELL Vezeeta is a digital healthcare powerhouse that serves and empowers patients in every step of their healthcare journey through data and technology. We are trusted by patients, healthcare providers and medical industry leaders to facilitate and enhance quality healthcare accessibility around the globe. Currently serving more than 6 million patients across 6 countries, Vezeeta empowers patients through a diversified product portfolio that includes booking doctors’ appointments, teleconsultations, doctor’s Home Visits and online ordering and delivery of medications.


Founded: 2012
Founder/CEO: Amir Barsoum
Head Office: Dubai, UAE
Offices: Dubai – UAE, Cairo – Egypt, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Lagos – Nigeria and Nairobi – Kenya
Industry Sector: Health-Tech / Med-Tech
Patients served: 6,000,000
Doctors: More than 30,000
Markets: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria and Kenya
Funds Raised: US$40 Mn in 5 rounds
Investors: Gulf Capital, Saudi Technology Ventures, Silicon Badia, BECO Capital, Vostok New Ventures, Endeavour
Catalyst and Crescent Enterprises’ CE-Ventures